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On being proud, not boastful.

I recently commented to an artist who I very greatly admire (but who shall be nameless for this post) that her home must be full of the most exquisite examples of her work.  Her response caught me completely off my guard – she admitted that she had many beautiful pieces in her home but none of her own making, that displaying her own work in her home like that would be “a bit narcissistic, wouldn’t it?”.

Oh my goodness? Would it?  This sent me into a guilty, self conscious spiral, remembering the various embroideries and cross stitches I have displayed in my home … and those that have been gifted to friends and families, who then have no choice but to display them, at least if they know I’m visiting.

But you know what, sod that.  I’m proud of my work.  It’s pretty amazing really, I’m actually very clever and need to remember that more often (especially when agonising over pricing!).   I think we all probably need to remember how clever we are and to be a bit more proud and vocal about our achievements.  It’s a very British attitude, this self-deprecating modesty nonsense, and one that I believe is much magnified in the Welsh psyche.  Maybe we need to take a leaf from out American counterparts, puff our chests out and sing our praises for the world to hear.  Fa-la-la-laaaaa!  (Those of us singing in Wales right now should, by all accounts, be singing the loveliest.)

flyaway girls, embroidery with Shibori balloons

This is a newly finished piece and it makes my belly smile every time I walk into the same room as it. Be proud! :0)

The big pricing dilemma

I’ve just updated my Etsy shop with some new pieces that have been finished for a couple of weeks, but I’ve only just mustered the the courage to commit to a price and go with it.  Why is pricing so very difficult?

I know it isn’t just me – I’ve read blog after blog entry on this topic.  I’ve seen the formula for pricing work appropriately, read the articles about pricing yourself what you’re worth, about not undervaluing my work or competing with hobbyists, and it all makes sense.  I want to be taken seriously, I want to make a living doing this, I want to be an artist.  To a certain extent people will believe you’re worth more if you charge more, I can understand that too.

So why, when it came to the crunch, did I chicken out and shave a bit off the price just as I was listing it on Etsy?  I’m putting it down to nerves, confidence, and not wanting to seem presumptuous. I reckon that as I become established I’ll become more confident in charging properly for my time.


One of the pieces I put on Etsy this afternoon that I anguished so long over pricing.