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Making excuses and a sneaky peek in my sketchbook

I’m very aware that I haven’t posted any pictures of finished work for ages, it isn’t that I haven’t done any, I either haven’t photographed them before they’ve gone on their way or I haven’t wanted to post pictures of ‘more of the same’, as I’ve been doing a lot of balloon girls recently.  A lot like this one:


A little gingham embroidered girl with their shibori balloon, very, very sweet. I do enjoy making these.

I promise to take more photos in future, even of things that might be dull. ;0)

This evening I’m settled in front of Eurovision with my sketchbook, trying to realise the Family Tree idea/design that’s been mooching about my head and pin it down in graphite in my sketchbook.  It’s kind of going ok.  Maybe I should open some Lambrini to help oil the creative wheels.  Because I’m classy like that, and it *is* Eurovision night.


A work-in-progress shot of tonight’s sketchbook. This is a scribble of my youngest with her stuffed rabbit, “Bwni Cwtsh”. It made me smile and I thought I’d share it with you.