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Snapped Up Market at Printhaus, Cardiff.

This afternoon we sent the children for some quality time with Grandma so we could concentrate on the activities on offer at the Printaus Workshop’s ‘have a go’ day.  (And to enjoy a sneaky beer garden visit and a sunny walk by the lake too, while we were footloose and fancy free).


Printhaus Workshop’s Snapped-Up Market flyer/posterIt was brilliant.  The continuing gorgeous weather certainly helped, especially in the courtyard which had stalls, a photobooth, circus skills and comfy sofas on which to enjoy the refreshments.


Sunny, bohemian, artsy, relaxed and chilled enjoyment in the Printhaus courtyard. With bunting. I can’t resist bunting.

Indoors there were many more stalls as well as  some have-a-go print screens already set up.

I chatted with Katy from Miri for ages, she was completely lovely and full of useful hints and tips on where to sell my work.  We’ll both be at the craft fair in Rhiwbina in November so I was excited to be able to meet her before then.  I also spent ages standing and chatting at Freak Unique‘s stall too, trying to persuade her to run workshops on upcycling lampshades after being completely blown away by a fabulous standard lamp that she had on display.

I spoke with one of the event organisers for ages as well, about the Printhaus, membership, courses etc. – I have been looking for a screenprinting course all year (I just missed enrollment on a fabulous one in January – D’oh!) because I have great ideas on how to incorporate printing with my embroidery, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.

But THEN I got onto the having a go bit!  The screen printing itself was basically two passes with an inky squeegee across a screen that had been completely set up for me.  Not really what I call ‘printing it myself’, but I still really enjoyed it and am disproportionately proud of my screenprinted bag, a bright yellow tote bag which I printed with a Bear on a Ball image designed by Miri.

My second have a go project was making a silver ring with Lydia Niziblian. From scratch. Using a saw, pliers, a hammer, a blowtorch and acid.  Seriously!  This was proper, real metalwork, and I loved it!  Not quite enough to abandon my embroidery and buy in loads of precious metals and a heavy workbench, but definitely enough to do it again if the opportunity arises.


My lovely new silver ring and screen printed bag, which I made. *happy sigh*

So, to summarise, a top day out – completely brilliant fun and very inspiring, not just with regards to the printing (which I am definitely going to pursue), but also speaking with the artists and makers who were there.  Have you ever noticed how lovely, genuine and generous crafty and arty people are with their time, knowledge and advice?  They really are the best sort of people.