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I have a poorly sewing machine

My sewing machine is poorly again, the top thread keeps fraying and snapping then I’m free embroidering (and I mean ALL the time, every couple of minutes on just a straight forward piece of stitching, not even through dense fabric or anything).  Luckily she still has a month left on her warranty, so back to the shop in Bristol she goes, quick, quick, quick!

Happily, my sister has loaned me her machine for the meantime, which is actually my old machine which I gave her when I bought my new one!

Due in part to these machine stitching frustrations (and because I love hand embroidering in front of the telly) I’ve been doing some more hand stitching this week.  Here are a couple of small pieces to show you, part of a greater whole yet to be explained.  :0)

1_Blue_Swooshes 0greenbackstitch

Toodles!  xxx