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Experimenting with leather and a new personal organiser

If you’ve happened across my shop or Facebook page recently you might have noticed a rather fabulous new piece of loveliness … my leather, embroidered personal organiser.  Look at it, isn’t it beautiful!

Filofax1 detail

My beautiful, gorgeous new personal organiser. Free machine embroidered with one of my little balloon girls in a blue leather dress.

I had bought some bargain scraps of leather from Abakhan Fabrics in Mostyn the last time I was up that way, and have been wanting to play around with them ever since.  I recently bought a few more pieces of leather from eBay and, with a fresh packet of leather sewing machine needles, on Tuesday I got freaky with the leather in my sewing room.

I made some little leather coin purses (more on them in a future blog), experimenting and playing with embroidering and appliquéing the leather, which is very tricky.  Unlike fabric, any holes you make in leather are absolutely permanent (there’s no unpicking and trying again with leather), and if you aren’t careful with your embroidering you end up perforating the leather so much that the picture, along with a chunk of leather, just falls off.

But I am beside myself with pleased with how it turned out.  Fully covered and lined with cream upholstery leather, free machine embroidered, it even has little leather pockets on the inside to hold your ticket stubs, shopping list, spare hair clips etc.

Filofax1 inside detail

Fully lined with leather inside, with a cute little embroidered pen poking above the back pocket.
I’ve found the ring binder mechanisms tricky to get hold of, my supplier used to sell them on ebay so it’s worth checking there every so often if you want to make one yourself.

This is the second personal organiser I have made, the first was a hand embroidered, denim one I made for my own use.  I designed it so I could punch and insert cheap 99p pocket diaries instead of having to buy expensive Filofax inserts.  Because I’m fashionably frugal like that.

My intention has been to blog a tutorial on making one of these, and it’s still high on my to-do list, so stick with me and I’ll try to put one in before too long.

The finished organiser

My first personal organiser which I made a year ago, and still the one I use and carry everywhere with me.