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Eluned Winney, Radio expert!

Ha!  What a brilliant, fun morning!  Today I was a studio guest on the breakfast radio show on Radio Cymru, the Welsh language BBC radio station for Wales, teaching the presenters how to knit.

Knitting on the radio – have you ever heard anything so absurd?  Well, obviously I didn’t do much knitting or teaching to knit while on air – it’s difficult to demonstrate how to knit with mikes, headphones and other technical paraphernalia getting in the way, obscuring your view and pinning you to your chair, and it probably wouldn’t be that interesting for listeners at home, but we had a very lovely chat about knitting, crafts, my embroidery (woop!) and stuff.  I gave a little one-to-one tuition off air and left them with a challenge, to knit a washcloth by Thursday, when I’ll be back to assess their progress.

Check me out – media superstar with my own reserved parking space at the BBC!


Afterwards I popped into the local Welsh bookshop to show them some of my cards and they requested 6 each of 2 designs.  All in all, a very good start to the week.