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Open Exhibition openings at Rhondda Heritage Park and Victoria Fearn Gallery

What an exciting weekend!  The last blog entry was all a-fizz with excitement about being selected for inclusion in two open exhibitions – and this weekend both exhibitions opened!  (Apologies for my poor blogging, will try harder).

The first was the Summer Exhibition at Victoria Fearn Gallery in Rhiwbina, Cardiff.  The opening was on Friday (5th July) and was the first such event I’ve attended.  I was very excited to be informed on my arrival that one of my pieces had already sold, and moments later I had the lovely and slightly surreal experience on eavesdropping on a couple who were admiring my work.  It seemed impolite and a bit naughty to carry on listening in so I introduced myself.   We couldn’t stay for long as we had both of the children with us, who are both far too young to be expected to behave for long in such a fragile environment.  But here is a picture of me stood proudly (and a little awkwardly and embarrassed) in front of my exhibited work.

Textiles art with embroidery, shibori, applique at Open Exhibition

Yes – this is what I look like. Pay attention, you won’t see many photos like this if I can avoid it!

The second opening was the following afternoon in Rhondda Heritage Park.  I have three pieces here, each of which are photographed below – there are no pictures of me at this one I’m afraid, I’d come straight from a school fete and was in no state to be photographed!  I was impressed by how many excellent pieces were displayed there, my favourite (the one with the batman costume’d child) was there – but to my shame I still haven’t details of the artist, I promise to rectify this as soon as I get an opportunity to go back for another look.  The highlight for me was being informed by the organiser / curator that she had had enquiries about my work, how much is cost and how to fill in the form to vote for it in the ‘Public’s Choice’ award.  Yay!


Large embroidered applique piece with 3D shibori balloons, bottom centre.


Princess and the Pea – applique and embroidery

Blue Eyes – micro cross stitch

I got in to Rhondda Heritage Park!

Whoop!  Just a quickie to share my news with you – I had an email yesterday from Rhondda Heritage Park, letting me know that all my submissions to the summer Open Exhibtion have been accepted! Woo!

Hurray for me!

I have to skedaddle now, I’m afraid – I have lots of terribly uninteresting thing (like inventories and accounts, bleurgh) to get on with.  I’ll be back soon with something pretty to show you, I promise. xx

Submissions to the Rhondda Heritage Park Open Exhibition

I submitted three pieces to the Open Exhibition at Rhondda Heritage Park on Sunday.  I really, really hope I get selected for the exhibition, but having seen some of the AMAZING oil paintings there I couldn’t help worrying that my pieces wouldn’t be considered worthy, arty or heavy enough.  It all depends on the selection panel, what they’re looking for and what they want the exhibition to be about, so I’ll do my best not to worry and look forward, instead, to my next deadlines and future projects.

Some flyaway girls and their shibori balloons. This is fast becoming one of my signature pieces so I felt I had to submit it to the exhibition.

This is a cross stitch portrait of my Lil Big Eyes doll. The cross stitch is teeny tiny, worked 1×1 on 32 count linen. I can’t begin to work out the hours I’ve spent on this, needless to say she isn’t for sale!

Princess and the Pea – I want to do more fairytale illustrations but have been a bit busy doing other things recently. I did do a Rapunzel a little while back, but I’m not happy with it so she’s not for display until I can revisit her.

I completely fell in love with one of the paintings I saw when I submitted mine.  It was a tiny bit out of my budget though at £800.  It was an oil painting of a mother holding back (or holding onto?) her child, dressed in a Batman costume and set against bunting, all in dark, stormy colours and textures.  I can’t remember now what it was called or who the artist was, if you know please leave a note below, but otherwise I’ll take a look when the exhibition opens (6th July – 14th September) and, if I’m allowed, take a photo too.

Bleaching and tea staining cotton calico

I’ve been thinking about what to ‘put’ my embroideries on.  Calico is lovely in its simplicity but I want to move some pieces on, which means having some sort of depth, texture and colour behind the main character or object.

So I’ve been playing…  heh heh heh *sinister laugh*



This is a large-ish piece of calico that’s been tea-stained then bleached, it’s out on the line to dry from the bleach right now.  (How lovely is it to be able to dry things on the line again.)

I tried being clever with the bleach by soaking a cotton doiley in thin bleach and laying it on the fabric to transfer the pretty doiley shape.  It didn’t really work like that, either there was too much bleach and it spleurged everywhere, or not enough and the pattern didn’t transfer.  But some bits of it look quite interesting.   It isn’t satisfactory or complete yet, but I’m having a lovely time experimenting with it.

I’m also thinking of enrolling on Karen Ruane‘s online course on embroidering lace (as in embroidering on lace and embroidering pieces of lace to create a background fabric, not making lace out of embroidery, IYSWIM).  I only have a couple of days to enrol if I’m going to do it, and no lace in the craftroom to get me started!

In other news – I have a place in another local gallery for three small embroideries with shibori balloons and one large, so I’m busily finishing them so I can deliver them next week.  Yay.

Eluned Winney, exhibited textile artist.

Today was an important day for me – today was the day that I became an exhibited artist.

I’ve been struggling over the past couple of weeks with the slow progress that I’ve been making in pursuing my dream.  Slow progress in creating, selling and in becoming an established artist.  Progress has been hampered by  different life events, family and work commitments, all of which were making me feel increasingly frustrated that I would ever realise my dream of becoming a ‘proper’ textile artist.

But today, after a bout of frantic last-minute fussing, I took five framed pieces and a bundle of greetings cards to be displayed at the Resist Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to textile art. I proudly presented Michelle, the gallery owner, with my work, contract, insurance, cv and bio – and BAM, there I am, a ‘proper’ artist!

Suddenly I feel this is all possible again.

princess and pea

My work didn’t go straight on the wall so I don’t have any photos of my exhibition yet, and I read somewhere that every blog post should have a picture, so here’s a sneaky peek of one of my latest works in progress, the Princess and the Pea for you to look at in the meantime. (It was taken on my phone, so I apologise for its murkiness).