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Textiles Technology Project, Swansea

I attended “Manufacture@technology #whatsthatallabout”,  the Textiles Technology Project dissemination event in Swansea Met yesterday morning.  I really had no idea what to expect, what the focus of the day was going to be or even how long it would last, so went along full of anticipation and enthusiasm hoping to find new inspiration, ideas and opportunities.

140313 1

Isea Surfwear Design produce beautiful hand screen printed clothing.

The Textiles Technologies Project  was formed to “encourage and facilitate the uptake of knowledge, new technologies and technical expertise within the diverse Welsh textiles sector”.  As far as I can understand they made exciting technologies (such as laser cutting and etching, water cutting, digital printing onto fabrics) and expertise (such as help with product design, designing bespoke machinery and pattern grading) available to Welsh textiles makers.  Part funded by EU money I think this may have all been free of charge, but sadly not any more.

The project is coming to an end at the end of this month and this event was to showcase the projects they had been involved with.  They are hoping to continue to offer their facilities and skills to Welsh makers, but on a commercial basis.

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I was completely blown away by this beautiful woollen tunic by Wench Clothing. Innovative fashion textile designs by KanUcMe in the background.

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Images of work by Michelle Griffiths showed how technology can translate textile design into different contexts. With the help of TTP her shibori designs have been etched onto slate at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales.
The textiles book by Julia Griffiths Jones (in the foreground) was so beautiful with its thick, squidgy, tactile pages that I had real trouble putting it back down.

It was interesting to hear from other makers and manufacturers and to see the types of work people had produced with TTP’s help.  The highlight for me was to get to see some of the machinery – laser etching is amazing!  I was very impressed with a sample of laser etched denim I got to see and handle as well at etched leather.  I would have like to see the digital fabric printer too but unfortunately that wasn’t possible yesterday.