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I have a poorly sewing machine

My sewing machine is poorly again, the top thread keeps fraying and snapping then I’m free embroidering (and I mean ALL the time, every couple of minutes on just a straight forward piece of stitching, not even through dense fabric or anything).  Luckily she still has a month left on her warranty, so back to the shop in Bristol she goes, quick, quick, quick!

Happily, my sister has loaned me her machine for the meantime, which is actually my old machine which I gave her when I bought my new one!

Due in part to these machine stitching frustrations (and because I love hand embroidering in front of the telly) I’ve been doing some more hand stitching this week.  Here are a couple of small pieces to show you, part of a greater whole yet to be explained.  :0)

1_Blue_Swooshes 0greenbackstitch

Toodles!  xxx

Scribbling on Fabric

My head and sketchbook are filling up with projects I want to start and ideas I want to explore, but I don’t know what to do first. I already have several ongoing works in progress and really ought to try finishing some of them!

This is one my my latest big ideas, I’ve been enjoying doing some fairytale embroideries and wanted to do something a bit juicier, and you don’t get much more juicy than the Mabinogion.  I’m not sure yet how my sweet and innocent little embroidered girls will approach the dark themes of these ancient stories, but it’ll be fun finding out.

Y Mabinogion

This is quite a heavy-duty version of the Mabinogi that I have to really concentrate on when reading (with a furrowed brow and lots of re-reading sentences). Is it cheating that I’ve also borrowed a children’s version from the library? And is it terrible that I’ve borrowed an English translation too?

Here is a sneaky peek of another big piece.  This is one of over forty small pieces of a larger whole, I’m pretty certain I’ll end up showing you all of them as they are completed, so watch this space.


The biro marks all over it are my new favourite embroidery marking tool, it’s a ball point pen that disappears with heat (such as an iron or a radiator – never leave unfinished work near a radiator!).  It isn’t fool proof, if you use it heavily it leaves a shadow when it’s removed (as I’ve found to my frustration and annoyance on another work in progress) but if you use it more or less where you’re going to stitch over, it’s perfect.  I’ve taken a risk here by using it on an unstitched area, but if it lets me down I could always fill it in somehow.

The pen is called ‘Frixion’ by Pilot and you can get it in different colours (red, black, blue, pink, purple), as a ball point, a fine nib (which I don’t like as it feels scratchy on the fabric surface) and a yellow highlighter.  Get it, it’s amazing!  You’ll end up drawing just so you can watch it disappear in front of the iron, and I get a delicious feeling of naughtiness in drawing with a ball point pen on fabric.

Right then, off I go to feed the family and stop the littlest one from climbing the telly.  Tell me, how do other creative work at home mums manage to get any work done without small people clambering all over them and demanding their constant, undivided attention?

Eluned Winney, exhibited textile artist.

Today was an important day for me – today was the day that I became an exhibited artist.

I’ve been struggling over the past couple of weeks with the slow progress that I’ve been making in pursuing my dream.  Slow progress in creating, selling and in becoming an established artist.  Progress has been hampered by  different life events, family and work commitments, all of which were making me feel increasingly frustrated that I would ever realise my dream of becoming a ‘proper’ textile artist.

But today, after a bout of frantic last-minute fussing, I took five framed pieces and a bundle of greetings cards to be displayed at the Resist Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to textile art. I proudly presented Michelle, the gallery owner, with my work, contract, insurance, cv and bio – and BAM, there I am, a ‘proper’ artist!

Suddenly I feel this is all possible again.

princess and pea

My work didn’t go straight on the wall so I don’t have any photos of my exhibition yet, and I read somewhere that every blog post should have a picture, so here’s a sneaky peek of one of my latest works in progress, the Princess and the Pea for you to look at in the meantime. (It was taken on my phone, so I apologise for its murkiness).