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My Etsy shop is now open

I’ve opened an Etsy shop.  You can get to it from the ‘My Shop‘ link above – you should go and see it, it’s lovely.  And why not buy something while you’re there?  ;0)

So far I’ve added some of my “Actually mine do smell of flowers” machine embroideries but I’m looking forward to adding more, different pieces too.

Machine embroidered 'windy nude'

Actually, mine do smell of flowers

Workshop with Alison Moger in Craft in the Bay, Cardiff

I went on a machine embroidery workshop run by the wonderful Alison Moger today in Craft in the Bay, Cardiff.  I learn a lot from seeing how she works, how freely she approaches her work and how fluidly she stitches.  Her love of the vintage textiles she uses, her connection to her South Wales heritage and to the strong women who have featured in her past were inspiring, and her respect for traditional hand crafts and for the women who have left their mark on fabrics by embroidering and embellishing them made a deep impression on me.

I love finding myself in a sociable stitching environment, so the social aspect of the day, meeting the other ladies, nattering with them, sharing our frustration over misbehaving sewing machines (mine seemed to be worst – I’ll arrange to take it to be serviced tomorrow) and triumph over new skills learnt and pieces completed, was as important for me as the taught element.

And the lunch was lovely, too.

Here’s what I produced from the day – it was taken from a sketch I had in my sketchbook inspired by the wind turbines near my home.  The intention is that the balloon will be three dimensional in future pieces, but this was the first time this little girl was allowed to escape from paper onto fabric.

Girl with balloon and wind turbine

Machine embroidery, applique, vintage fabric